Forever Young: Anti-Aging — Why Not Me?

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By the time we hit our 50ís, we may have feelings that our lives are not as they could be. Yes, there are pills, and many varieties of the ìquick fixîí (also called the ìLife Makeoverî) — everything from creams to diets and Bo-tox injections, perfect-sounding and easy ìfountains of youth,î for ourselves. Letís face it , most of us are looking for ways to slow the ticking of our biological clocks.

Iím here to tell you that in order to really slow that clock down, we must get ìradicalî in our approach to controlling our processes; getting radical means that we can, in the words of Star Trek character Jean Luc Picard, ìmake it soî. We can literally make our own clocks tick more slowly.


Weíve all heard the ìfountain of youthî programs. There must be dozens of them: pills, creams, Bo-tox injections, etc. As aging baby boomers weíre in search of quick, perfect and easy ìfountainsî for ourselves. Letís face it, we each want to slow the ticking of our own aging clock.

At the tender young age of 30 I decided I wanted to stop growing older. Why would I want to get any older? Thirty seemed the perfect age to be — forever. As a New Age explorer, during the late 70ís I roamed the Redwood hills of Northern California seeking truth. This is how my quest to have more control over how I age, which is called anti-aging, began. At this time I am pleased to report that indeed my quest for youth is paying off. Now at the ìcalendarî age of 55, except for a few silver hairs I both look and feel not much over 35 years old.

As I began to research the subject, I found that the mind/body connection to anti-aging became clear. After all, Google has over 14 million hits on the subject. ì Youthingî is the term I now use to explain anti-aging. Youthing is an idea whose time has come. What did I discover during my quest?

I found that multiple disciplines — including but not limited to breathwork, firewalking, fasting, yoga, and hypnosis — all helped me to shape my future. Lessons in dancing, they were.

Most of us assume that anti-aging is just about ìsticking aroundî for a little longer, but this is only a small part of the quest. Youthing is a state of being . It’s an awareness. Youthing is really about ìstepping up to the plateî and taking your power into the very fabric of our reality — into every cell of our bodies.

We can all have more control over how we age; the best part is that youthing doesn’t involve buying pills or cremes, or joining a club.

Youthing is a training system that teaches each of us to let go of old counterproductive and worn-out beliefs, programs, and assumptions. Essentially, we learn to automatically say îyesî to a long and healthy life, and without even thinking about it — without using our old habits, which leave us as theyíre replaced by new ones.



When we expect to slow down the aging process, we can create — each at our own cellular level — conditions that justify this belief. As Deepak Chopra wrote in AGELESS BODY, TIMELESS MIND ( Harmony Books,1993): ìAging seems to be something thatís happening to you when in fact it is something your body has learned to do. It has learned to carry out the programming fed into it by you, the programmerî.

What is easy, fun and very effective is hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy is simple, very effective, and can be fun depending on its purpose. Whether sessions are done in person or by telephone, they can set the stage for stretching beyond set limitations. Hypnosis is the art of placing the conscious self in a state of strong suggestibility. During this time the conscious self is very open to change; it can literally set aside any limiting beliefs that may have been interfering with oneís ability to change.

Itís a proven fact that our bodies are constantly creating new and healthy cells to replace old and damaged ones, and every new cell gets its ìreplacingî instructions from the DNA contained in the old cell.

So, it stands to reason that if our DNA programs our new cells with the healthiest and most youthful information possible as a blueprint for development, the bodyís cell memories will change for the better, by being ìyoungerî. This process is called ìCell Transformationî. The question arises: can hypnosis really be used in order to literally tell our bodies cells to be younger? From my experience, I strongly believe that the answer is yes.

Lets wrap this up.

Youthing is the process of participating in the act of a successful anti-aging program. It involves oneís past, present and future. Here’s why: the past is forever with us. We can’t do away with it; we can’t change it. But we can make it work for us, because addressing and healing childhood traumas (with regard to induced and conditioned beliefs about aging) can be explored and corrected. Also, learning to forgive ourselves and others can do wonders for us and for our present youthing goals. Finally, seeing ourselves alive, fit, and healthy, now and and in the future, is a vital part of everyoneís youthing process..



It is very effective

Iím currently working with energy medicine that is directed toward youthing techniques. It is very effective; I could write so much more about it. But remember this: your body is the most valuable possession you own. By consciously programming your mind and body to remain youthful, the old paradigm — of collective conditioning — is broken. As Richard Bach put it so concisely in his classic 1977 book,


ì Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours.î Donít limit how you age. Find out how it is to feel good!

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